How Therapy In Your Home Works

StoneGate Care Team can provide physical, occupational and speech therapy for your loved one right in their own home. Professional therapist go to the patient’s home and treat your loved one with the excellent care that they deserve. The assigned therapist will do an initial assessment, develop a plan of treatment in conjunction with the patient and physician then start treatment. On-going evaluations assure that goals are being met and that the patient is steadily improving. The number one goal is to maximize the well-being of the patient.

Benefits of Home Therapy:

Therapists can evaluate a patient in their every day environment. Goals will be made to assure maximum benefit in the patients natural surroundings.

Increased compliance – Patient’s don’t have to travel to a clinic thus making it more time efficient, less sessions missed related to the difficulty of traveling and obtaining transportation and increased privacy.

In-home sessions are one on one with a therapist, this allows for effective treatment sessions and reduces the possibility of injury.

Following surgery, having a therapist come to the home may eliminate complications of driving a car or having to negotiate weather conditions outside

Common conditions for the elderly that are frequently seen by therapist are broken bones from falling, knee and hip replacement rehabilitation, neck and back pain, rehabilitation after a stroke, cardiac diseases and osteoporosis treatment to name a few.

As an addition to this, therapists can help with posture and body mechanics which when done properly can prevent many injuries. Areas that a therapist works in are spine problems, degenerative joint disease, work- and sports-related injuries, chronic pain and neurological conditions. People may think they know what to do to get better but can often hurt themselves. A therapist is trained in a variety of ways to observe how you move and what the injury has done to you and will work up a regimen that gets the best results. The therapist can edcuate you about your injury or illness and on how to care for yourself to reduce pain, prevent further injury and maximize your abilitites. Knowing what you need to do and can do is very important for recovery.